Divine Coffee

Serving delicious coffee across the UK

Our coffee machine rental services allow you to serve barista quality hot drinks at a single touch.

Dispensing a wide range of hot drinks, they make a welcome addition to offices, cafés, staff rooms and events.

And our experienced team are on hand to ensure that your machine continues to serve delicious coffee, smoothly and safely.

Our coffee and vending machines

From instant to bean-to-cup

Selecting from our range of hot drinks machines, you can opt for the speed and simplicity of instant coffee, or the sophistication of our bean-to-cup espresso machines.

You can even take it a step further with our extra features, including programmable functions that enable your coffee machine to display videos, play music or read promotional messages as it serves.

Our friendly team will guide you through the options to help you find the perfect coffee machine for your location, budget and, of course, palate.

Your hot drinks menu

Gone are the days when your only coffee choice was “with or without milk”. Today’s coffee machines offer many different coffee styles to suit everyone. This includes espresso, latte, cappuccino, americano, moccachino, flat white and café au lait.

The variety of styles is matched by the variety of coffee available. Whether you prefer the simplicity of 100% Arabica or the stronger taste of a Robusta and Arabica blend, we can supply ethically sourced coffee from quality brands from Tchibo.

But our hot drinks machines aren’t all about coffee. We’re a British company after all, so every machine also serves hot water to make the perfect cup of tea. This also gives you the option of making soup or other hot drinks. Plus, for those with a sweet tooth, our coffee machines will serve you heavenly hot chocolate.

Friendly, reliable nationwide service

We hire hot drinks machines across the UK, and you can also purchase coffee machines from us through our coffee partners at Westways. Whether you require office coffee machine rental, or installation in a café, staff room or at an event, our friendly team will ensure a smooth set up and easy-to-follow training for its routine cleaning cycles.

Our team are on hand whenever you need additional supplies, be that consumables or cups and stirrers. And when your rental coffee machine requires maintenance, we’ll be with you quickly to get it up and running again.