Boiling water without the cost (or waiting time) of a kettle

Our hot water taps are a simple and safe way to serve hot and boiling water. With compact under-sink tanks, they can be fitted to an existing sink or supplied with a drip tray.

All our models serve boiling water, perfect for making tea, coffee or soup. Additional features can include ambient, chilled and sparkling water.

Robust safety features are included with each tap, making them suitable for many applications, including staffrooms, office kitchens and hospitality venues.

Our hot water taps

Safety and style

Each of our hot water taps include safety controls to prevent anyone inadvertently turning on the boiling water. Some models include a mechanical safety mechanism, others have a push button locking system.

The practicality of our hot water taps is equalled by their stylish designs. You can select from models which have a traditional swan neck shape or go for a more contemporary look.

Energy efficiency

If you currently use a kettle more than a couple of times a day, then one of our hot water taps will almost certainly give you a more energy efficient solution.

Their tanks are highly insulated, keeping the water hot even while on standby. This means that minimal energy is required to heat the water to boiling. You’ll also get your cuppa much quicker than waiting for a kettle to heat up!

Unrivalled customer care

Our team will ensure that your boiling water tap is always ready to make your next coffee. We provide six-monthly maintenance visits to keep it in tip-top condition and, importantly, replace your scale prevention filters.

If you have any questions between visits then our customer support team are on hand to help.