Taylor-Made Dreams


At Divine Water, we are very proud to have Taylor-Made Dreams as one of our official charities.

Taylor-Made Dreams is a charity that has a mission to not only make dreams happen for children with life limiting illnesses but they will source and financially support empathetic therapeutic services alongside their difficult journey and help to leave lasting precious memories for families to cherish when time together is all far too short.

Their vision is that children with a life threatening condition will have the opportunity to fulfill their dreams and also provide their family with support by trained therapeutic professionals.

Made Blue Foundation


As a company, we are delighted to be able to support Made Blue Foundation.

Made Blue are a charity who invest in water projects in countries where it is needed the most and focus on providing clean water for everyone. They have produced more than 10 billion litres of clean drinking water on behalf of more than 400 ambassadors.

Their promise to their ambassadors is that every donation of 30 cents, provides 1000 litres of clean drinking water in developing countries.