Divine Coffee

To get a great cup of coffee, the quality of our coffee machines must be matched by the quality of the coffee that goes into them.

We supply whole beans and soluble coffee from renowned brands including Lavazza and Tchibo. Our range includes the robust flavours of Tierra Intenso (beans), Prontissimo Classico (soluble) or Espresso (beans). Alternatively, a milder drink can be found with our Caffè Crema options. Decaffeinated soluble coffee is also available.

Naturally, we stock milks and whiteners to accompany your coffee, including a cappuccino topping.

You can also enjoy a delicious cup of tea thanks to our English Breakfast teabags and the luxurious taste of Tchibo’s Pure Finesse hot chocolate. To cater for those with a sweet tooth, white or brown sugar sachets are available along with sweeteners.