Divine Water

The Divine Water Company is a family run business that was established in 1994 and supply Bottled, Point Of Use water dispensers, Coffee Machines and Hot Drink solutions to over 5000 customers largely based within London and the South East.

Divine Water produce their own bottled water near Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent. where the water is naturally filtered through sandstone to our spring in an area designated as a site of special scientific interest and are available in 18.9 Litre recyclable bottles.

Divine pride themselves in having excellent customer service and in 2018 were awarded the EDWCA Customer Service Award. They are also the current holders of the EDWCA Waster Distributor of the Year award.

Deliveries by their friendly, professional drivers and engineers are weekly, fortnightly or monthly in their new fleet of eco-friendly branded vehicles and there are no congestion zone charges.

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h20 direct

H2O Direct was created to assist its parent company, The Divine Water Company Ltd, with alternative high quality, low cost products for the water industry to achieve a competitive edge in the market.

H2O Direct Ltd specialise in water filtration products such as carbon water filters for use on coffee machines, vending, boiler systems and POU water machines.

They are sole distributors in the UK for Microfilter vending filters and MCM push fit parts, who are well known as suppliers to Samsung, Daewoo and LG.

After many gruelling years, they have researched, designed, developed and introduced a number of ranges of quality filters and fittings, which in many instances outperform similar products previously available to the UK market, whilst retaining a competitive price advantage to the end user.

These ranges have been further extended and developed from filters for the POU market to filters and fittings for the Coffee/Vending machine industry

H2O are fully audited members of the AVA. They are also members of CESA, NIVO, AVS, BSA and Watercoolers Europe.