Available for rental or purchase with award-winning service

We’ve been supplying water coolers to customers since 1994, with our mains-fed water dispenser rental service becoming increasingly popular.

Our mains-fed water coolers offer chilled and ambient water, with options for hot and even sparkling. With freestanding and countertop machines available, we have the ideal solutions for all kinds of workplace. You can even choose contactless and Bluetooth options!

Rest assured that your water dispenser will be well looked after thanks to our all-inclusive packages, which include bi-annual sanitisations and filter changes. Our dedicated after-sales team are always on hand should you need any support or advice.

Our mains fed water dispensers

Still or sparkling? Hot or cold?

Gone are the days when the office water cooler simply served chilled water.

Today’s machines can offer you chilled and ambient water, with options for hot and sparkling too.

Convenience and style

Mains-fed water dispensers are modern and stylish, and remove the need to change bottles. You won’t need to store bottles or have regular deliveries to keep you topped up.

High capacity units are available where you need a constant supply of chilled water, eg for schools or leisure centres. Many of our coolers offer extra tall dispense areas which means they’re ideal for filling sports bottles or tall glasses. Contactless and Bluetooth models are also available.

Freestanding mains-fed water dispensers

When you hire a freestanding mains-fed water dispenser, you can choose from a range of styles and colours, to suit every location and budget. Fully inclusive rental packages and purchase options available.

Many models feature hygienic touch controls. To avoid overflowing drip trays you can opt for extra large drainage kits with capacity alarms, or connect your drip tray to mains drainage.

Countertop mains-fed water dispensers

Countertop mains-fed water dispensers are ideal for kitchens, staff rooms and other locations where floor space is limited. Dispensing ambient or chilled water, with hot and sparkling options, contactless operation is also available.

We have a range of compact countertop water dispensers to fit underneath cupboard units, without compromising on extra tall dispense areas for filling sports bottles.

Award-winning service

We pride ourselves on providing only the highest service standards to accompany your mains-fed water cooler hire, and are rated number one for customer service in our industry.

Our dedicated after-sales team are always on hand if you need any assistance or support. Our fully qualified engineers will maintain your water dispenser with bi-annual sanitisations and filter changes.

A range of accessories are also available, including high-absorbency mats, cup dispensers and replacement gas cannisters (for machines which include carbonated water).