D-Series Free Standing Mains-Fed Cooler

The D-Series water coolers offer an all in one solution to your water cooler needs. As well as being a sleek and stylish dispenser it’s also extremely practical and simple to use and maintain.

It is available on Bottle-Fed or Mains-Fed – Counter Top or Freestanding.

The D-Series has three faucets offering Hot, Chilled & Ambient or Chilled, Ambient & Chilled water options. These faucets are operated from top mounted push buttons and the water outlets are concealed for optimum hygiene.


Features include:

– Hygienic isolated push buttons

– Double float valve (Mains-Fed)

– Easy conversion from bottled to mains

– Integrated storage cupboard (Freestanding)

– Integrated Handles for easy moving

– Large dispense height (195mm)

– Built in air filter

– Hot water safety lock (Hot Model)

– Removable drip tray

– Optional side mounted Cup Dispenser


Description Dimensions

H x W x D mm

Tank Capacity Litres
Cold & Ambient

Hot & Cold

1050 x 305 x 355 mm

1050 x 305 x 355 mm

Cold – 3.0 Litres

Cold – 3.0 Litres
Hot – 1.0 Litres

Divine Water

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