Advantages of Bottles Fed Dispensers

  • Fresh Natural Divine Water
  • Weekly, fortnightly or monthly deliveries
  • Shorter contract length
  • Can be easily moved around
  • Can be installed anywhere
  • Not a permanent fixture



  • Can run out of water
  • Need to place an order
  • Lifting required
  • Need to store bottles
  • Not as cost effective as mains fed
  • Not a fixed cost
  • Can be expensive option for high usage


Divine Water Analysis

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Mains fed


Advantages of Mains Fed Dispensers

  • No lifting required
  • No ordering needed
  • Constant supply of water
  • No storage of bottles needed
  • One fixed cost
  • Cheaper option for high usage



  • Semi-permanent fixture
  • Cannot be moved around easily
  • Not always permitted in rented offices