Water fountains and bottle fillers, perfect for public, school and sports locations

Our range of durable drinking water fountains provide ambient or chilled water, with both a drinking ‘bubbler’ and an additional spout for filling water bottles or glasses.

They are an increasingly popular way of encouraging people to stop using single-use plastic bottles and, in recent years, there has been a resurgence of drinking fountains in public locations.

With regular maintenance from our professional team, your water fountain will be kept in tip-top condition, ready to cool and hydrate your community, staff, pupils or guests.

Our water fountains and bottle fillers

Suited to every situation

Water fountains are the perfect solution for both indoor and outdoor locations. Ideal for schools, gyms and sports centres, they are also a popular choice for parks, playgrounds, community centres, transport hubs and outdoor events. Options are available to keep your water fountain running smoothly in temperatures as low as -15°C.

Our water fountains come in varying heights to suit different users, and include vandal-proof machines designed to withstand the wear and tear of public areas.

A huge range of colour options are available, so you can suit your machine to your décor or brand.

Safety and hygiene considerations

All our water fountains and bottle fillers can be safely fixed to the surrounding wall and floor, ensuring that there is no risk of them being pulled over.

They are all designed with rounded corners for additional safety.

A protective shield or cone over the bubbler helps to maintain the hygiene of the machines, and every water fountain comes with an integrated bottle filler, which is popular with many users.

Service to match the quality of our water fountains

When you lease a water fountain from us it comes with our full maintenance and support service.

Our friendly team of trained technicians will install your water fountain and schedule six monthly maintenance visits. We’re also on hand to deal with any questions or repairs, quickly and efficiently.