Serve chilled, sparkling, ambient, hot or boiling water at a touch

Ideal for office kitchens, staff rooms and hospitality venues, our under-counter water dispensers serve filtered water at a range of temperatures to suit all your needs.

The water tanks fit snugly into your under-sink cupboard, saving space compared to freestanding water dispensers. You can choose from options with an integrated tap and drip tray, or simply fit it to your existing tap and sink.

Our under-sink water dispensers

Selecting the right under-sink dispenser

Our range of under-counter water dispensers offer you different combinations of water temperatures and some also include the option of sparkling water.

You can choose between tanks designed to be fitted to an existing tap, or models that come with an integrated tap and drip tray.

Your choice of dispenser will also depend on the number of users and required capacity, our team will advise you on the best option for your needs.

The one thing all our under-sink water dispensers have in common is a filtration system to ensure your drinking water is clear and delicious.

Boiling water taps

Some of our under-sink water dispensers include boiling water, which is ideal for environments where your users might want to make tea, coffee, soup or other hot drinks.

When boiling water is dispensed through any of our under-counter boiling water dispensers, this is done through a safety device to ensure that it isn’t inadvertently turned on. Our boiling water taps are also fitted with additional filters to prevent scale build up.

Exceptional customer care

We pride ourselves on our unrivalled customer service and will ensure that your under-sink water dispenser is fitted and maintained to the highest standard.

Our friendly team is on hand to provide advice and answer any questions about operating your new dispenser. We provide six monthly maintenance visits as well as coming out to deal with any unexpected issues.