It is essential that dispensers are well cared for to ensure optimum operation, energy efficiency and cooling/heating capability.

Sanitisation is the cleaning and disinfecting of the dispenser and is designed to remove biofilm and other bacterial matter from the machine. Bacteria can build up on the water contact surfaces of the dispensers, especially the taps and needs to be cleaned regularly, independently of engineer’s visits.

Included in the sanitisation process is a filter change, pipework thoroughly flushed through with specialist cleaner including taps, drip tray cleaned and all surfaces wiped down using sanitisation spray/wipes.

Sanitisations are carried out bi-annually on mains fed machines and quarterly on bottle fed by our specially trained engineers and forms part of the EDWCA/BWCA guidelines for sanitising dispensers.

All sanitisations and maintenance tasks are carried out by our highly skilled engineers who also carry spare parts for machines to ensure a smooth and efficient service. We also offer a sanitisation service for dispensers and machines not currently operated by ourselves.


Please contact Customer Services on 01892 669609 for machine specific sanitisation procedures.