Bolero XL (Instant)

Bolero XL

Would you like to expand the range of choice to eight hot drinks? With an additional tap for hot water? Then opt for the Bolero XL.

This machine has 3 or 4 transparent canisters offering a wide range of drinks. One is for coffee, of course, the others allow you to serve cappuccino, café au lait, moccachino and hot chocolate.

The unique mixing systems ensure a perfectly reliable flow of the instant ingredients, thus eliminating any risk of build-ups. The machines in the Bolero series signal when the drip-tray is full, and offer an adjustable energy saving mode to reduce your use of energy. The Bolero XL models are available in Mysterious Grey and Stardust White. The Bolero XL is also available with an optional separate cold water unit for serving glasses of cold water.

  • 8 drinks + hot water
  • 3 or 4 canisters e.g. for coffee, topping and cocoa
  • Optional: separate cold water unit
  • Optional: coin mechanism