Bolero (Instant)


The Bolero series from Bravilor Bonamat features speed and efficiency. Pressing a single button delivers a cup of coffee, cappuccino or hot chocolate (depending on your chosen model) in next to no time. A separate tap also provides hot water for tea or soup.

User-friendliness is the key feature of the Bolero series. The Bolero is available in Mysterious Grey and Stardust White, so it fits perfectly into any interior colour scheme.

The Bolero 1 and 2 machines include 1 or 2 transparent, closable canisters which are convenient for filling with ingredients.

for both cups and decanters

  • Clear menu with LED display
  • Use of durable materials
  • Closable canister outlet
  • Programming options for each drink
  • Unique mixing system ensures perfect flow of ingredients
  • Easy to clean thanks to the removable ventilation housing
  • Easy to program
  • Quick and user-friendly