DC-1 Touch (Bean to Cup Espresso Machine)

Pure enjoyment!

The DC-1 Touch is one of our fully automatic espresso machines. All coffee specialities are made using freshly ground coffee beans. The extensive touchscreen menu offers 30 beverage choices.


The perfect foundation for any coffee speciality is a well-made espresso. That’s why we have used strong, durable materials in the DC-1 Touch. The stainless steel disks in the grinder flawlessly grind the coffee beans to your specifications, from coarse to fine. Then, the unique rotational brewer optimally extracts the coffee.

Programmable settings

We have put all the standard choices into the menu with great care. Naturally, each drink can be adapted to your specifications. This includes settings like the consistency of grind, pre-wetting, contact time, coffee to water ratio, and the cup size. You can change a setting with just a few taps on the touchscreen. Personal preference settings can be easily and quickly copied to other DC-1 Touch units using a USB stick.

DC-1 Touch characteristics

  • Bean-to-cup: brewed with fresh coffee beans
  • Easy, quick installation
  • Very easy to operate
  • Intuitive touchscreen
  • Menu with up to 30 choices
  • Unique rotational brewer that’s easy to remove and clean (NSF certified)

thumbnail of DC-1 Touch Brochure