Aqua Café (Coffee Pod Machine)

All In One Coffee & Water Station

Bottled Fed or Plumbed In

The Aqua Café is a space-saving water cooler with built-in single serve coffee brewer.

Whether you need chilled water, barista quality coffee, tea & hot chocolate or instant noodles and soups, the Aqua Café has it all. The intergrated coffee machine is Designed to use K-Cup Coffee, Tea & Hot Chocolate pods. The stylish and contemporary design will compliment any office or home décor and puts a choice of beverage at your fingertips. Choose either plumbed filtration or bottled water models to best suit your specific installation needs.

Features & Benefits 

– Single serve Coffee, Tea & Hot Chocolate 

  pods as well  as  Hot and Chilled water for

  maximum versatility

– Plumbed In or Bottle Fed Options

– Hotter Water to cook noodles and soups

– Multiple cup sizes to brew 6oz, 8oz, 10oz,

  12oz and 14oz

– Touch Pad for easy selection of beverage

– Safety lock function eliminates accidents

– Adjustable drip tray.








Bottle Fed   or   Plumbed In


Description Dimensions

H x W x D mm

Tank Capacity
Coffee, Tea, Chocolate,
Boiling & Chilled
1110 x 440 x 360 Variable 1 Litre Hot Tank


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